Our search for Nora Roberts super fans!

Love Nora Roberts’ novels?

Would you like the opportunity to share that love with friends and family?

And do you like chocolate?!

If you answered yes to all of the above, we need your help. More specifically, we’d like you to join our exclusive group of Nora Roberts super fans.

We think Nora’s novels are incredible, and we know you do too, so to bring her books to an even wider audience we’re offering you the chance to claim 10 copies of your favourite Nora Roberts title to give away to friends, family and colleagues.

For your chance to get involved, simply email marketing@littlebrown.co.uk with the subject line ‘Nora Roberts super fan’. Please include your name, age and location, then tell us why you love Nora’s novels (in 100 words or less) and name the Nora Roberts novel you’d like to give away. Entries must be emailed in by 31st May 2012, when we’ll pick our five favourite applications. We’ll then send you ten copies of the book – one for yourself and nine to give away – plus a box of chocolate truffles as a little thank you for all your hard work.

Before entering, please make sure to read our terms and conditions first.

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Indulgence in Death
J.D. Robb