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New exclusive ebook short story out now!

Interlude in Death is available on ebook right now. Never before published in the UK, it is brimming with J.D. Robb’s signature thrills, kills and razor-sharp wit.

Read the below and order now!

In this exclusive short story, available only in ebook, Eve and Roarke’s interlude in paradise is accompanied by murder.

If anyone is going to make an enemy of a respected police commander, it’s Lieutenant Eve Dallas. When Commander Skinner offers her a promotion if she’ll give up her husband Roarke to his custody, Eve reacts badly.  Roarke’s Irish roots contain a murky past, but now he’s a changed man – so why is the Commander so intent on bringing him to justice?

With Eve and Commander Skinner at one of Roarke’s holiday resorts to give a talk to a police convention, Skinner’s thwarted vengeance will soon bring death to their luxury surroundings . . .